Early Childhood Programs

 At Seeds of Joy Village, play is seen as serious work because it is through play that children discover, explore, learn to think creatively, solve problems and develop social skills. These skills build the foundation for successful learning in later grades. Children at Seeds of Joy Village grow up in a respectful and positive environment with a loving teacher and role models worthy of imitation. They learn to trust that the world is a place of beauty, truth and goodness.

 Seeds of Joy Village has always been immersed in nature, with the majority of the day taking place out in the woods. 

Pre-K Mixed-Age Morning Class 

Our Pre-K mixed-age class is 4-half days (M-Th) from 9am-12pm and is for children who are 3-6 years old. The mixed-age class creates a large family structure where older children can become aware of the needs of those younger, and the younger learn from the older children. The children garden, take nature walks, sing, recite verses and poems, free play, participate in arts & crafts, enjoy a wholesome snack and rest during storytelling. We are currently accepting applications for the Fall of 2022. If interested, please click here

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Pre-K Mixed-Age Afternoon Class

Our Afternoon Enrichment Program is 4-days (M-Th) from 12pm-3pm, lunch is eaten together around the table, followed by activities such as arts and crafts, games, gardening, nature walks, cultural enrichment and periods of free play. The Afternoon Enrichment Program offers children a way to extend the school day with their friends. We are accepting applications for the

2022-23 school year. If interested, please click here

Pre-K Mixed-Age Full Day Class 

Seeds of Joy Village is pleased to announce expanded hours for its Pre-K mixed-age class to include a 4-full day option (M-Th) from 9am-3pm beginning in September. The new flexible schedule is designed to accommodate the needs of working families and children who are ready for a full-day program. Families will now have the option to pick up their children at lunchtime or at 3pm. We are currently accepting applications for the Fall of 2022. If interested, please click here

Parent / Child Class

Our Parent/Child class offers parents and their children (ages

18mo. to 3 years old) an opportunity to come together once a week in a warm and nurturing setting. In class, we share insights about life with a toddler through lively class discussions. This structured program includes free play, circle time, songs and poems, a puppet play and a wholesome snack. In this way, teachers and parents work together to provide a model of what community means for young children.​ Class Sessions run for 6 weeks, meeting on Fridays from 9-11am.​ If interested please click here (space is limited).