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Mission Statement

The SOJV is a community organization whose main goals are community outreach and education.  Our focus is on early childhood development, education for parents, community involvement, social awareness, environmental advocacy, and volunteer activities. We strive to provide the following community benefits to our community:

                       ☀︎ Educational materials, workshops, and education on early childhood                                                   development through the philosophy of a Waldorf-inspired, nature-based 


                       ☀︎ Educational field trips for children and parents, including those focused on                                         social and environmental awareness and advocacy.

                       ☀︎ Volunteer activities focused on socio-economic, environmental, and racial                                           justice advancement.

                       ☀︎ Provide a Waldorf-inspired, nature-based early childhood program.

                       ☀︎ Local political and business networking opportunities.

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