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Seeds of Joy Village​
An Education for the Future

Seeds of Joy Village is a Waldorf-inspired preschool and part of an international educational movement, the largest and fastest-growing independent school movement in the world founded by reformer, philosopher, and visionary Rudolf Steiner.

Waldorf education strives to instill in children the ability to meet the challenges of our world with confidence and enthusiasm. It is based on the conviction that the dignity and individuality of the growing child is foremost, and thus, meets each child with reverence, respect, and love.

The inspiration from Waldorf education combined with nature-based play creates something magical at Seeds of Joy Village. Evident from the moment you enter a class: children playing, reciting lyrical verses and poems, singing, gardening, and creating art. Most importantly, you see children passionate about learning, and a dedicated, loving teacher, inspiring each child to bring out their best.

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