Ms. Martina,

you are a wonderful teacher and you've created a magical bubble of warmth in the classroom. It pleases me to see the joy in new parents' eyes as they realize what a marvelous treasure they have found for their children and how blessed they feel to leave them with you. I'm grateful for the love you've shown both my children in the two years I've known you. Other teachers had seen what was difficult in Andrew, you saw what was beautiful. Thank you.


Since starting SOJV we have noticed Ivy has come out of her shell. She has a better appreciation of story telling, and has become a better story teller herself. She has a new fondness of friendship and she has learned great table manners. She has expanded her creative thinking powers and has become filled with love!

Thank you, Ms. Martina and SOJV!


Ms. Martina,

Thought this might be a good opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've done for me, Elli and our family. Since coming to SOJV Ellie has changed dramatically in some important ways. She is learning better self control, socializing with others. She is less volatile and her verbal skills have improved so much. I know that being her teacher can be challenging at times. I appreciate how dedicated you are to making sure the children are learning valuable skills they'll need for school and life. I often wonder how you do it - one teacher with so many young children - how you manage to provide structure, guidance, learning, all wrapped in love and caring. You are a wonderful teacher and person. I wish Ellie could stay in SOJV forever. Thank you also for the many tips you provide to me on how to stay consistent with structure/ approach at home. It has helped so much. We still have tough days/times but things have smoothened over so much and I know it's because of you and SOJV.  Lastly, I am so grateful for the energy and care you put into the after school events. Because of you Ellie will have so many magical memories of her time at SOJV.


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