For children ages 2 - 6

While the activities and curriculum content may change throughout the year based on the teacher’s observations of the children and their needs, the basic components of the daily rhythm remains the same. A brief description of each component of the day follows, giving a more concrete picture of what your child is learning, which skills he/she is mastering and just what your child is talking about when you hear, “We did it at circle time!”

Emotional development occurs as children express their joy, fear, anger or happiness, and experience the responses from their peers.

Social development takes place with sharing, taking turns, responding to rules at school in differentiation from family rules, and doing what is considered proper for their role in their play. Children make friends through dramatic play, learning to give and take in a social group.

Physical development is enhanced as the children shift and move about the heavy objects during their play. Creative development is fostered as children evolve; they plan and work out solutions to the action that is taking place. Each episode is new and interesting to the children.

Teachers can facilitate play through indirect guidance; that is through the stories, planning and organizing the materials and equipment, and through their direct physical or verbal guidance.

Mixed Age

Preschool & Kindergarten Program

5 Day Week

9:00 AM – 1:15 PM

(must be potty-trained)

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Enrollment Form  

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