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Seeds of Joy at Home: Waldorf Window Stars

Waldorf classrooms are meant to be beautiful, cheerful, and to instill a sense of reverence for the world around us. You can bring this into your home with simple Waldorf window stars. These are meant to be hung in your window to transfer color as the sun passes through.

During COVID, our society has begun to understand the value in hanging colorful ornamentation to signify hope, joy, and the promise of happiness in the given moment. There is no better time to hang window stars:

You need:

  • 7-15 pieces of kite paper or origami paper

  • glue

  • that's it!


Start with one origami or kite paper square.

Fold it in half, then in half again. This was a fun thing for my little one to learn. We practiced what it meant to fold in "half," like a sandwich, and she was very engaged in trying.

Unfold the paper to reveal your "guides." Then, fold the corners down to the middle "X."

Turn the shape longways, like a kite.

Fold the bottom corner up until it touches the center line. Repeat with the top corner. You just made your first point!

Repeat these steps with all of your points.

I'll be honest, my little one only engaged in the halving part of this activity. The next part, though, she was ready for!

Lay out all your points. Let your child put glue on the bottom of a point. Let your child select a color to lay over the glue. Repeat, repeat, repeat, until you have a star!

You don't have to stick to any one design. By following your child's lead, you will create something beautiful together.

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