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Nutrition — Mostly Organic, Vegan, Nut and Dairy Free Menus

Nurturing our bodies as well as our minds and spirits is important at Seeds of Joy Village. Meals and snacks eaten at school provide additional opportunities to acknowledge our appreciation for the natural world. Snacks are prepared with mostly organic, whole food ingredients and encourage reverence for a healthy body and a healthy earth.

Snack and Lunch

Every day two meals are provided at school - snack and lunch. All meals are freshly prepared in our school’s kitchen with the most healthy, nutritious and wholesome, mostly organic ingredients. Since many children have allergic reactions to dairy and/or nuts, our classroom/ kitchen is a nut- and dairy-free zone. Instead we provide beautifully arranged fresh, seasonal fruits or oatmeal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins or goji berries  as part of the breakfast snack.


Lunch usually consists of a healthy whole grain and lightly seasoned vegetables (prepared with coconut or olive oil). Wednesday is our soup and  bread day. The children help cut the vegetables and make the bread dough.Water or tea is served with every meal.

The lead teacher puts the menus together. Usually the menu changes slightly with the season. The daily menu remains the same every day of the week, so the children can predict the days of the week by the meal that is being served.  For example, they know that Wednesdays is soup and bread day. Parents will receive an email whenever there is a menu change, so they have an opportunity to report possible allergy issues. 


It is amazing to see that in the beginning of the school year, children think they don’t like what is being served, but before long many ask for second helpings!


The menus are posted on the kitchen cupboard.

Mealtimes are approached in a mood of reverence. The table is nicely set with placemats, napkins, spoons, bowls and fresh flowers. This creates an atmosphere conducive to good table manners, conversation and the desire of remaining at the table until excused. A verse is said to bless the meal and a candle is lit. The children help set the table, clean up after themselves and wash and dry the dishes after lunch.

We make Magic happen by working Together

Here are some photos of our beautiful, artistic snack creations. Children help prepare snacks, lunch and baked items such as bread and cookies. Parents who help in the classroom kitchen learn to see food preparation as an art. Their help in the kitchen is highly important to the success of our program. Making time available to help in the classroom means putting theory into practice and to learn as you do, just like your child. It may also mean to overcome frustration and to figure things out. We are all in it together.

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