Rhythms are one of the most important parts of a Waldorf inspired curriculum.  Because the early years are a time of exploration and rapid learning, they are also times of great uncertainty for the young child and therefore young children long to feel secure in the world. 

Rhythms help children anticipate what comes next, such as the time of day, the days of the week or the seasons, and therefore feel more confident and secure in their environment.  Rhythm allows children to feel relaxed so they can focus on the task at hand and be present in the moment. The  table below shows Seeds of Joy Village's daily and weekly rhythm.

Storytelling/Nature tales:  

Nurtures the young child’s soul and spirit and provides a strong foundation for literacy.

Finger Plays & Rhymes:  

Develops gross and fine motor skills, improves eye-hand coordination, and encourages a love of language.



Toys made from natural materials

& are open-ended

to encourage

creative & imaginative play


Example of Toys

wooden blocks, colorful silks,

cotton dolls, play kitchen, doll house

Circle Time 

The children learn seasonal verses, songs and movements that encourage their physical and social development & strengthen their memory.

Mixed Age Classroom


There are many benefits of a mixed-age classroom environment. Older children are proud teachers of the younger ones and the younger ones love to look up to their older classmates. Soon the younger children become the older children and now proudly teach the new generation of younger ones what they have learned from the older ones.

Daily Rhythm


Components of Our Daily Rhythm


Purposeful Work: 

Preparing snacks, gardening, caring for the room, and working on simple crafts. Children develop an awareness of working on behalf of a group.

Morning Circle: 

Music and verses are accompanied by movement and gesture. Children learn to play cooperative games, respect boundaries, and follow directions.

Festivals & Celebrations


enliven a child's innate sense

of wonder & build community

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